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    • 2016
      • Dec 15 2016


      • Dec 15 2016


      • Sep 20 2016

        EHL Future Campus

        The architects present us the EHL New Campus development.
      • May 13 2016

        We are starting now with the installation of gauges!

        They are on the campus from May, 17th and for few weeks. Read more
      • Apr 05 2016

        Spring is here, the garden is awakening!

        An insect hotel in our vegetable garden! Click on read more to know how it was built and which kind of insects will stay in this special construction. Read more
    • 2015
      • Dec 08 2015

        An update on the borehole drilling

        Read some sustainable news on the project here! Read more
      • Nov 24 2015

        Press Conference October 28th

        You did not take part in the press conference one month ago? Here is a short summary to see what you missed.  
      • Nov 09 2015

        Photo update: Have a look at this old picture of L'Auberge du Chalet-à-Gobet! This ancient hotel is situated at the extremity of the campus and is the closest one to EHL.

      • Oct 29 2015

        Press conference's summary

        Read a summary of what has been said during the press conference. The Board of Directors, the two young architectsleading the project and two politicians took the floor to express their thoughts on the project and aswered the journalists' questions. Read more
      • Oct 28 2015

        The EHL is expanding

        Today is a big day! The EHL unveils its future campus during a press conference. Read more about what will be put forward. Read more
      • Oct 28 2015

        The Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne unveils its new campus today

        Press play to watch what has been done so far!
      • Oct 06 2015

        Photo update: a view from the office on the future campus this morning!

      • Oct 05 2015

        The Canibal bin brings bigger surprises

        The Canibal recycle bin is back, read more to get some news about it. Read more
      • Sep 29 2015

        Students’ feedback on the new Infrastructure

        Hear two students' thoughts on the new infrastructure! They sound really happy about it.  
      • Sep 23 2015

        Photo update: Look at this picture of the Atrium! The biggest part of the works has come to an end.

      • Sep 22 2015

        La Ferme and its history

        Christian Hunziker, met Isabelle Roland, architecture historian, and a member of the Service de protection des monuments historiques de La Ville de Lausanne. In the midst of the new constructions, what should be done with this old architectural treasure? Read more
      • Sep 15 2015

        Photo update: Today a metal tube will reach 808m below ground as part of the geothermic borehole drilling!

      • Sep 10 2015

        Architects' presentation

        Two weeks after the Atelier design, the EHL architects presented the new model, bigger than the previous one. Read more
      • Sep 10 2015

        Tomato tasting

        Two EHL chefs visited the vegetable garden and tasted some tomatoes. Read more
      • Aug 27 2015

        Borehole drilling August 2015

        Insights into the 800m borehole drilling. The driller explains how it works.
      • Jun 24 2015

        Photo update: Look at this picture of La Ferme. EHL students remade the original photo that you can see below!

      • Jun 23 2015

        100 year-old photo of La Ferme

        This month, Christian Hunziker, Head of Campus Development, met a regional farmer who discreetly popped a 100 year-old original photo of La Ferme into his backpack at an event. Read more
      • May 22 2015

        "Bouquet de Chantier" - M & O buildings - Christian Géry

        Christian Géry, Director of Infrastructure, pointed out how important the end of the second phase of the MNO project is. About 200 workers were involved.
      • May 22 2015

        Bouquet de chantier

        We reached the end of an important phase of work in EHL’s campus development. M building is now hors d’eau et hors d’air! Read more
      • Apr 24 2015

        Meeting with Siobhan Rockcastle, EPFL PhD student

        EHL architects met Siobhan Rockcastle to discuss the natural illumination within and around the building. Read more
      • Mar 23 2015

        Insights into M building’s on going construction - the atrium

        Some additional light and an idea of height. Here are Christian Géry’s, Director of Infrastructure, comments about the future atrium.
      • Mar 17 2015

        Insights from EHL student Ettore Zotarelli

        A last year student at EHL, Ettore Zotarelli, linked the entertaining world that he adores to the hospitality sector. We talked to Ettore about projection mapping in order to benchmark practices within the world of entertainment.
      • Mar 17 2015

        Insights from an EHL Architect

        One of the EHL Campus Dev Forum winners, Jon Irigoyen, explained how the young architects are a bridge between the EHL spirit and the project itself.
      • Mar 02 2015

        Feedback from a young architect who participated in the Campus Dev Forum

        A young architect who participated in the Campus Dev Forum held in July 2013 popped by the Base Vie to share his reflections on the project. Read more
      • Feb 05 2015

        EHL CampusDev Publication

        Have a flick through our latest publication! You can quickly see all the EHL Campus Dev Forum students’ architecture projects.
    • 2014
      • Dec 10 2014

        Campus Development progress

        Work on the development of EHL's campus is on-going with construction occuring on the main academic buildings to prepare for the September intake and preparatory work linked to the Base Vie including the demolition of Vert-Bois.
      • Dec 04 2014

        Photo update: a view from the top of M building

      • Dec 02 2014

        M building construction

        Less than a month before Christmas, Sébastien Sterchi from Assyneo and Christian Géry (Director of Infrastructure) gave us an update about what is going to be undertaken during the following days within the MNO project. 
      • Nov 19 2014

        Class of 2020 Conference: Key takeaways from an EHL Architect

        Jon Irigoyen, EHL architect and prize winner at EHL's Campus Dev Forum, attended the Class of 2020 Conference in Amsterdam focused on the latest trends in the student accommodation industry. Click play to listen to his take-aways.
      • Nov 09 2014

        Vert Bois Demolition update

        Here's a peak into the demolition of Vert-Bois and those taking part in the work. Vert-Bois is the most recent parcel of land purchased by the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and allows us the expand the campus considerably.
      • Nov 07 2014

        Borehole drilling, Environmental site assessment

        We recently undertook an environmental site assessment at EHL drilling boreholes into the ground in order to get a better understanding of the composition of the earth below our land.
      • Nov 06 2014

        Photo update: Ongoing borehole drilling

      • Oct 27 2014

        An update from the Base Vie

        François Dieu, General Coordinator for the project, believes in team work and is happy that the Base vie work hand in hand only one month after the kick off.
      • Oct 27 2014

        Landscapers working at the Base Vie

        Two landscapers working at the Base Vie shared their thoughts about the working atmosphere. Different generations, different companies, one objective.
      • Oct 19 2014

        Architects working at the "Base Vie"

        Three architects discussed their experience in the Base Vie: how they organize their working schedule and emphasize why this idea of working together is important and necessary.
      • Oct 10 2014

        Geophysics feasibility study

        Geo2x, a Swiss-based company specialized in geophysics, particularly seismology, were at EHL to provide an understanding of the physical properties of the subsurface earth.  Read more
      • Sep 23 2014

        Base Vie kick off

        On Tuesday 23rd September, the Campus Development Department kicked off the “Base Vie”. Read more
      • Sep 10 2014

        Photo update: Our campus from above

      • Jul 15 2014

        Meeting with Francisco Mangado, Spanish architect

        The EHL architects met a renowned Spanish architect and reviewed a few points with him. Read more
      • May 22 2014

        Photo update: An insight into one of our Campus Dev Workshops

      • Apr 08 2014

        Photo update: EHL Campus Dev Forum prize winners hard at work with Rémi Walbaum, Director of Campus Development

    • 2013
      • Aug 14 2013

        More buses to reach EHL ?

        Good news for bus users! Discover what it is... Read more
      • Jul 05 2013

        Meet the Campus Dev Prize Winners

        After months of hard work on the project and fantastic presentations and discussion during the Campus Dev Forum, we are pleased to announce the four prize winners. Read more
      • Jul 01 2013

        EHL CampusDev Forum

        From November 2012 - July 2013, EHL has been actively crowdsourcing ideas from architecture and landscape students from around the world. The first week of July saw the students come together in the EHL CampusDev Forum to share their ideas.
      • Jun 20 2013

        A great presentation from the HEPIA students

        Discover amazing ideas presented by HEPIA students! Read more

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