On Tuesday 23rd September, the Campus Development Department kicked off the “Base Vie”.

True to the collaborative nature of the Campus Development project, the “Base Vie” brings together the key players in the project to work in one place in order to help move the project forwards while respecting our timeline and quality requirements.

We are welcoming a number of external employees including the chosen architecture office, landscapers, civil engineers, HAVC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) engineers and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineers.

The specialists will be joining the young EHL architects who participated in the Forum last July. Together, the team will constitute a total of 20 people on-site for approximately a year.

We are proud to welcome the following companies on-site:

  • Créateurs Immobiliers SA
  • AB Ingénieurs SA
  • Amstein Walthert
  • Weinmann Energie SA
  • IttenBrechbühl
  • Paysagestion
  • Karakas & Francais
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