Primoz Kastelic participated in EHL's Campus Dev Forum in July 2013 and stopped by EHL on his travels to share his reflections on the project:

"The project has evolved a lot since I left in December to continue my studies. The project is now trying to respond to the biggest issue: how to connect the new campus with the existing building, in line with the topography. I really like how La Ferme has become the key part of the project, and that you will feel the school’s history, as well as the future, when you are on site. The new position of the restaurant with the views is also a nice improvement. When I try to imagine the ambiance and the views, I think it has the potential to be an extraordinary space. It feels like the restaurant is connecting both parts of the project and becoming a buffer zone between the academic and more recreational side of the campus – something that was missing before.

The only doubt I have, is the entrance and the distance to the reception. It feels too long – not natural – and forced with this 20m+ long outdoor entrance zone. Because “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, I think the reception and the outdoor entrance zone needs to be studied carefully. Alongside the models, detailed sketches or visualizations in human size perspective would help. With carefully studied representative images, I am sure the project will become a worldwide architectural benchmark.

In Slovenian we have a proverb, similar to the English one: ‘two heads are better than one’.

From what I have seen of the evolution of the project, I can definitely say that crowdsourcing spirit is still alive. Involvement from renowned architects has helped answer some previously unsolved questions. Due to the complexity of the project, changes may be perceived as being fairly significant, but in reality, the concept we designed of living and studying on the campus has stayed strong.

I think that the combination of recently graduated architects with fresh ideas on one side, and experienced architects and specialists on the other, is the right way to make a unique architecture project.

With every big architecture project when you have a major evolution, you improve it, but you also get some new unsolved questions or problems. Nevertheless, I am sure that time and mix of experience and freshness/youth will successfully solve the issues, and the result will speak for itself."

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