The time had come for the HEPIA students to present their work to Rémi Walbaum and Christian Hunziker. Supervised by their teachers, Patrick Bernard, Joris de Castro, Natacha Guillaumont, Nathalie Monge, students presented their landscape architecture projects. Before the presentations started, Natacha Guillaumont precised something important: “for us, everything is included is the landscape, even the building”.  The result? Magnificent! Creativity was the key word of the day.

Rémi Walbaum, Campus Development Director, and Christian Hunziker, Project Manager, were positively surprised by how students included the landscape in the project. Landscapers were actually presenting a whole architecture project, and not only a landscape architecture one. They thought in the same way that Versailles architects did at the time: designing the gardens while the construction is being built. Different ambiances will be created in the gardens on the new campus. Pauline Jochenbein gave, names to the different sceneries, making outside spaces seem like real rooms, with a precise use. Examples include le jardin des sens or le jardin des baisers. She also thought of integrating the building in the slope of the land to   consider the valley’s curves. Other ideas include the importance of the view of the Alps, and how the forest and the meadow should be integrated in the whole. This shows how landscape is important; it is not only a decoration, but a true essence.

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