The EHL architects attended a special meeting with Francisco Mangado, a renowned Spanish architect and teacher at the University of Navarre. As he could not be present during the Advisory Board on July 3rd 2014, the architects took this opportunity to review a few points with him.

The connector, the pillars, the transition between the reception and the restaurant, the residence, and the studios’ façades were the main topics. Francisco Mangado suggested covering the area where the current fountain lies and erasing the parking, in order to gain some space to build a 3D connector that will link the old campus buildings to the new ones. He also emphasized the importance of the pillars’ geometry and the materials used. The Spanish architect also proposed to install an art exhibition in the space that links the reception to the restaurant. As far as the residences are concerned, Mangado reinforced the value of having common spaces for the students, where they can meet and share. He also talked about the façade and expressed the idea of a dynamic front with shutters.

The meeting was really helpful for the EHL architects as it allowed them to move forwards.

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