On 24th April 2014, EHL architects touched base with EPFL PhD student, Siobhan Rockcastle. Within her PhD, Siobhan focuses on creating new metrics for measuring the dynamic and perceptual effects of daylight in architectural space. She last worked with the Campus Development team in October 2014 and submitted a report analyzing the daylight performance in the project and providing recommendations for energy conscious and high-quality natural illumination. Since autumn last year, the project has advanced considerably and the architects met Siobhan in order to hear her feedback on the evolution.

The general consensus was that the changes made to the project have had a positive impact on the light within and around the buildings. There were a few areas of concern including the links on the connector level between the U-shaped student-housing buildings and the “verrière” which is the upper-most part of the 3D connector with glass facades. It is essential to think about how warm the space will get during the summer months due to the amount of light entering, and the weight and coverage due to snow. It is also essential to ensure that this part of the building respects the minergie requirements. The team also discussed the steel frame that supports the verrière and how important it is to ensure that the facades remain transparent.

Siobhan will be working with the team once the project is more advanced and certain elements more defined. By integrating Lightsolve (http://lightsolve.epfl.ch/), a software being developed in LIPID lab at the EPFL, Siobhan will help the team evaluate the design for performance targets and visualize interior spaces at various key moments throughout the day and year.  Ligthtsolve will allow the design team to virtually walk through a digital model of the project and view the daylight performance across hourly and seasonal instances.   


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