Yesterday, EHL’s new campus project was unveiled during a press conference. This is a major milestone and achievement after years of work. The Board of Directors, architects and two politicians took the floor to express their thoughts on the project. Anne-Catherine Lyon, State Counsellor, and Daniel Brélaz, Mayor of la Ville de Lausanne, were present. The Mayor put the focus on the sustainable aspects and the excellent image that EHL gives to Lausanne around the world. The State Counsellor emphasized the educational aspects and the opportunity this project presents to the Canton this project will bring. Mr. Rochat, EHL’s CEO, touched on the objective to welcome 3000 students on site in 2020.

Journalists were interested in two different topics: the construction project itself and EHL’s internationalism. In a nutschell, Rémi Walbaum, Campus Development Director, answered questions about the construction. He reminded those present of the project’s core: to enhance sustainability. The new buildings will be labelled Minergie P, and a roof made of plants will connect some parts of the constructions. The traditional material, for example concrete, will pair well with the green parts. Rémi Walbaum reassured everyone saying that the school will continue to operate and that the accommodation part will not be destroyed at the same time as the new construction. Therefore, the key is an optimal scheduling, in order to avoid any inconvenience for the students.
Mr. Rochat answered the journalists about the EHL international perspective. Despite the February 9th 2014 vote that aims to limit immigrants on Swiss’s territory, he said that he trusted Swiss political institutions and even expressed his wish of reaching 100 nationalities on campus the next years. Mr. Rochat also said that he would be delighted to welcome talented students from developing countries. EHL’s CEO emphasized on that: EHL wants the best of the best students from around the world; but also expect to remain a Swiss school, with more than the half of its headcount from Switzlerand.

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