After several days of work and creation, Gaël Bastian, EHL gardener, is ready to unveil the insect hotel that he has built. The internal structure is made of spruce and the roof is made of bark. Inside, we can find some terracotta bricks, some lobed-leaved tree logs, some bamboo, some canne de Provence and some stems (for example elderberry wood stems). These materials will welcome the insects living in the vegetable garden. Talking about the population, we will find some bees, some wasps, some bumblebees, some ladybirds, some lacewings and some syrphid flies. Plus, some stones can be found at the bottom of the hotel in order to appeal the lizards. The objectif is dual: encouraging the pollinisation and ensure that the harmful insects for the garden would be eaten by the auxiliary ones, living in the hotel. This process respects the biodiversity and let the nature follow its path, without using any insecticide.

The insect hotel is situated in the vegetable garden, on a south-easterly orientation. Take a moment, and come and have a look at it!

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