A vegetable garden is a magic place, full of different flavors and colors, where any chef can be amazed and find new ideas for their menus. At EHL, we are very lucky to have such a place at our disposal and the chefs made the most of this opportunity a few days ago.

On Thursday September 10th, two EHL chefs visited the vegetable garden for the first time: Chef Philippe Gobet who you may have seen at the food court and Chef Dominique Toulousy from Berceau des Sens. They were both enthusiastic about discovering all these products that are growing on their kitchen doorstep. The garden is home to 25 varieties of tomatoes. Some of them have funny names like “Blue Fog”, “Tasty Green”, “Watermelon Beefsteak” or “Délice d’or”. They all vary in taste, size and colors. A total of 65kg of all kinds of tomatoes were produced during the month of August. Although it may not seem like much, the EHL vegetable garden does not aim for quantity, but has an experimental and educational purpose.

During the visit, the chefs mainly tasted tomatoes. The timing was ideal for a tomato tasting as the fruit have an amazing flavor these days. Due to the sunny weather this summer, their taste is at its best.

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